Shehnai Visits 10 Downing Street!

On Thursday 18th April Shehnai Group’s Managing Director, Paris Dhillon, and General Manager, Prianka Dillon, had the proud pleasure of attending a Vaisakhi Reception (celebration of the beginning of Sikhism) hosted by the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street. We all waited with baited breath to hear about their wonderful experience and now we can share it with you!

Mr Dhillon exclaimed that he was extremely proud to represent the Reading Community; as well as Independent Owner Managed Businesses. This was amongst a guest list that boasted of invitees from all walks of life, including Army Militia, well known Punjabi entertainment personalities and other upstanding members of the Punjabi Community.

Paris at 10 Downing Street

As Mr Dhillon revealed to the Prime Minister that he was from Reading, the Prime Minister mentioned he was very familiar with the area seeing as he had spent time in nearby Newbury (this is the point Mr Dhillon says he felt particularly honoured and he jokes he may have grown two inches!) It was delightful to meet Mr Alok Sharma MP at the reception too, who of course was also championing our home town Reading too!

Prianka described to us – as we would have expected her to- that Downing Street was very tastefully decorated and the staff and hosts were all extremely welcoming to all guests (sounds a lot like Shehnai!)

Prianka and Paris at 10 Downing Street

She recounts the Prime Minister’s speech was exceptionally memorable in that he shared the importance of not just fulfilling our spiritual and religious duties, but to go further and extend our service to the Community and Charity too, this is something that is very close to Shehnais’ hearts, we are more than happy to offer in any way we can to help our community. The Prime Minister also talked fondly of his recent visit to India and likewise delighted in the uplifting Kirtan performance by a Jatha composed of many children as well as adults.

Hearing about the experience they had was a proud moment for the team. The whole Shehnai family would like to think that in the way in which Reading has given a loving Community that the Olympia Ballroom calls home, the Olympia Ballroom has in return given Reading a landmark it can be proud of…that and the most incredible curry in the world of course!


Here is a couple of links to look at. See if you can spot Mr Dhillon!



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