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When many of our guests arrive to Shehnai for the first time, they are pleasantly surprised by the warm and peaceful atmosphere.
But why is that? What makes our venue feel so special and unique? What happened in the Olympia Ballroom, before Shehnai? Here is a little insight, into the amazing history of The Olympia Ballroom.


In the 1700s, the home of Shehnai originally belonged to the famous Physician, Dr Anthony Addington. Dr Addington was best known for being the first on call doctor when King George III descended into madness.

This created a lot of public attention for the doctor and as result of this, he became extremely wealthy. Because of this history behind the building; the front of Shehnai is listed and cannot be changed. That means what you see outside the front of Shehnai is exactly what it would have looked like, in the 1700’s! How intriguing!

During the First World War, the residence was developed further to include a stunning ballroom, for which the venue would be known as The Olympia. For years this ballroom would thrill and entertain countless scores of guests, including the Soldiers of World War I.


They would remember the extravagant balls and dances held here before heading off to battle. Recently we held an event for the charity Age Concern, in which a lot of the guests had met their partners within The Olympia Ballroom many years ago.


Additionally, we had an ex-army officer come to visit us to ask if he could have a look at the Ballroom and reminisce about the past parties he had attended here. We were more than pleased to hear the stories he had to share with us.

Through the 1960’s, many great well-known bands played at The Olympia. This included bands such as The Who, The Rolling Stones (this had some of the members of the team swooning when we heard this!) and The Birds. Shehnai have continued to uphold the rock band element of the venue by holding events such as an Elvis Presley night and an Alternative Queen night.


The venue was also a Bingo Hall, but most recently it was one of the most famous night clubs in England… The Matrix.

Today, it is the beautiful home to Shehnai, hosting events ranging from parties to conferences to weddings. This is the perfect venue for your event, especially as the ballroom has a history of parties and good times!

Olympia ballroom

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