Catering at Shehnai

The catering team understand that its not just good food that is the key to a successful event but the combination of great food and fantastic service. With our onsite kitchen the best service we can offer our guests is food cooked on the day exclusively for you. Food comes out of our kitchens fresh and piping hot!

With a team of chefs trained in world foods Shehnai is able to offer one of he widest selection of cuisines you can choose from for your event. With unrivalled specialism in authentic Indian and Pakistani cooking, our chefs can also tantalise your taste buds with their Oriental, Continental, African and South American menus.

After years of honing our craft we are now proud to announce that we are able to offer catering at other select venues, private dinners at your home or even a take away for a small banquet you maybe organising, so that you can have a piece of Shehnai wherever you are!

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Catering at other venues

Catering at other venues Maybe you’ve chosen another venue to hold your event, but have been unable to find catering companies who freshly prepare the high quality cuisine you expect. Don’t panic,... Read more

Private dinners

Private dinners and House parties Having a party? Need to knock the socks off your guests but don’t know which catering companies you can trust? Call our team here at Shehnai and we will provide you... Read more