A Big Hello, from the new team at Shehnai

Hello from the new team at Shehnai!

New Team at Shehnai

What were your first impressions of Shehnai?

From the moment we walked into the venue for our interviews, it really felt like Shehnai had something magical to offer. All the staff were welcoming and there was a real sense of pride that seemed to radiate from every person we met. Walking into the grandeur of the enormous marble lobby really set the scene for how impressive the rest of the venue was going to be. Next we were shown the Olympia ballroom… Wow! What a beautiful sight to behold! The ballroom was lit up in all different colours and the tables were set up for an event that evening.


How was your training that you received at Shehnai?

We had 4 days of training with our General Manager Prianka and our Sales and Marketing Manager Kitty. The first day was filled with PowerPoint’s, and videos. Some of which made us a little emotional! Here is the link for one of our favourite videos (tissues at the ready) that conveyed the message to us “we don’t stop, we keep going.” Shehnai Presentation 2013 . The next few days were spent looking in depth at Shehnai and our vision. All of which was extremely intriguing and has really helped us get to know the company and understand our job roles.


What are you looking forward to pursuing in your new job roles?

As we are such an ambitious team, we have an extensive list of what we would all like to pursue within our new job roles… so we have had to try and scale it down to fit in our blog! The most important objective we would like to achieve is the ‘Shehnai Silver Line’ if we are on or above the Shehnai Silver Line, this means that we provide an excellent service to our guests and portray the Shehnai Vision perfectly. Another opportunity we would like to pursue is making Shehnai even better known for its events and first class service in Reading and its surrounding areas. We are currently sharing ideas as to how we can do this, so watch this space for some exciting updates!


What are the rest of the Shehnai team’s thoughts on the new team joining?

The word that seems to be buzzing around the most when we ask the rest of the team on how they feel about the new team is ‘EXCITING’. The rest of the Shehnai team have been really positive about the new team joining (we are writing this part of the blog with big smiles on our faces) please see below some quotes from the rest of the team:


‘It has given confidence that the Shehnai vision is right as the new team seem to fit with it perfectly.’


‘Many of the new team did not come from events backgrounds; it shows the Shehnai training is of a high standard.’


‘Every new team member brings new energy and ideas to Shehnai.’


‘It is nice to see the staff car park full up!’


‘Looking forward to getting to know one another’


‘Brought a new cheerful atmosphere’


Here is to a sensational new beginning!

Lots of love

The Shehnai Team

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